Meet the team

EvaBssi is above all a team of highly certified consultants who combine methodological know-how with a high level of technical and functional expertise.

The expert teams

  • Marguerite

    Consultant, EvaBssi Paris

    « What a pleasure to work with a team that is so passionate about its work, dedicated to its clients and caring for its employees. Great place to #work, great place to #learn. »

  • Imane

    Consultant in security and information systems, EvaBssi Paris

    « EvaBssi gave me the opportunity to evolve and diversify my missions quickly. I went from technical-organizational missions to functional missions in three and a half years, with training and certification to back it up. The client assignments offered are rewarding and with an international scope. It was also easy to find a good balance between personal and professional life both at EvaBssi and at my client's. »

  • Maël

    Consultant, EvaBssi Paris

    « After more than a year experience in a Run team, I wanted to be more involved in the projects upstream and during their implementation. Joining EvaBssi has allowed me to carry out many challenging and diverse projects while benefiting from quality managerial and technical support. »

  • Gee-Anne

    Consultant, EvaBssi APAC

    « Year 2014 seems like yesterday when I accepted my first mission and had to move from Singapore to Hong Kong. It was an extraordinary experience that helped me grow tremendously. I was pushed out of my comfort zone personally and professionally. I feel grateful that EvaBssi gave me that great opportunity as a stepping-stone for my career. Back in Singapore, I deal with different clients and am now Network and Security Consultant. »

  • Ali

    Consultant et CTO, EvaBssi Maroc

    « After starting at EvaBssi as a Consultant and technical referent in LAN WAN and datacenter network infrastructures, the real adventure began in May 2019, when EvaBssi decided to set up in Morocco, where I am from. The company gave me the opportunity to start the entrepreneurial adventure, and gave me the technical management of this division. Today, I manage the technical issues in collaboration with the EvaBssi teams in France and abroad. »

  • Thomas

    Managing Director Senior Network & Security Consultant, EvaBssi Toronto

    « I joined EvaBssi in 2014 in Paris, with different large-scale projects for key accounts in the luxury goods and Retail sectors. The diversity of the missions allowed me to discover the local IT ecosystem. After having worked in our Hong Kong and New York offices, I went to Canada in 2017, where I opened the EvaBssi entity. This challenge was supported by the management team, and it allows us to proudly strengthen our presence in North America and support our customers locally today. »

  • Chloé

    Consultant, EvaBssi Toulouse

    « After starting my career in a large consulting group, I preferred to continue in a specialized firm with a human scale, where I gained autonomy and skills that are recognised on the market. At EvaBssi, the trust I was given by the management allowed me to bring meaning to my work by developing a skills sponsorship initiative that puts people and solidarity at the heart of my activity. »

  • Kenza

    Consultant & Project Manager, EvaBssi Paris

    « When I joined EvaBssi, I was immediately integrated into a stimulating work environment, which combines team spirit and high standards. The diversity of the missions offered allows me to open up to new sectors and discover new issues. I also have the opportunity to learn from people with different skills and approaches. I appreciate the organisation of EvaBssi which fosters strong communication between Consultants, Managers and Partners, thus allowing everyone to get involved in the life of the company. »

  • Alexandre

    Manager & Consultant, EvaBssi Paris

    « Since 2012, I have been working in a stimulating environment with high value-added missions, where I develop my knowledge. By sharing my ideas and my point of view, I have contributed to the international development of EvaBssi. The trust and advice of my managers have enabled me to build a career plan and project myself into the long-run. I was promoted to Manager and continue to develop my team management and leadership skills every day. »

  • Zeineb

    Manager & Consultant, EvaBssi Paris

    « Constantly looking for challenges that match my ambitions, I decided to join EvaBssi after 12 years in IT security and international companies. I finally feel like I belong in a dynamic, multidisciplinary team with strong technical expertise. Working for EvaBssi is a chance to develop my skills, thanks to a Human Resources policy that encourages personal initiative. My experience at EvaBssi will remain one of the most memorable of my career.»

  • Bertrand

    Experienced Security Manager & Consultant, EvaBssi Paris

    « After more than 15 years of experience in the tropics, I was looking for a company on a human scale that valued human capital. EvaBssi was exactly what I was looking for. EvaBssi creates the right conditions to put forward my expertise in the fields of networks and security, as well as in the management and coaching of teams by entrusting me with the management of a dozen employees of different nationalities. EvaBssi offers me the opportunity to carry out high value-added missions in renowned listed companies, which contributes to the continuous development of my technical and interpersonal skills. »

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The management team

EvaBssi is also a governance with a great diversity

group photo of the management team

Our mission every day is to exceed our clients' expectations by providing them with the best in consulting and technology. Our knowledge of their business sectors gives us an in-depth understanding of their business challenges. We support them in their transformation and innovation projects to control their cyber risks and improve the performance of their IT.
The challenge is exciting!

Jean-Victor Garnier - EvaBssi President