The group

EvaBssi's DNA

EVA was formed in 2007 from the merge of three companies whose names began with E, V, and A. Each of them was founded by three entrepreneurs who later joined forces and offered technical expertise in networking, infrastructure, and cloud.

In 2015, EVA took a decisive turn in cyber and joined forces with BSSI, a cybersecurity audit and consulting firm. As consulting is above all a profession for men and women, B stands also for the founder's name ūüėČ

This association gave birth to EvaBssi, a leading consulting firm in cybersecurity and IS performance.

At the end of 2021, EvaBssi will officially join Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation and trust. In the highly promising and strategic field of cybersecurity, we will have nearly 600 Consultants and experts and will be one of the three leaders in the French market, while strengthening our international positions.

With an entrepreneurial DNA, we adopted an international development strategy from the start. Today, EvaBssi is as close as possible to its clients' locations, with 8 offices on 4 continents.
We encourage our collaborators to take on more responsibility, with the support of our Consultants, particularly when we open offices in France and internationally.

  • 15 ans years Expertise
  • 300 Collaborators
  • 34 millions revenue
  • CSR Strong Commitment


Strong CSR Commitment

Our Corporate Social Responsibility:
Transparency, ethics, initiative and diversity
are values anchored in EvaBssi's DNA.

EvaBssi's CSR approach, which began in 2013, is based on the principles of transparency,
ethics and diversity.

Our CSR commitments are expressed through various partnerships and labels obtained through the operations we perform, and are based on 4 axes:

  • Environment
  • Social and human rights
  • Ethics
  • Responsible purchasing

EvaBssi is a responsible employer who cares about the well-being of its employees and has implemented a respectful recruitment policy towards candidates.


The culture of excellence

This is what makes us get up in the morning to respond to our clients' requests, to imagine and build with them the best solutions to meet their challenges, to lead our teams of experts and our network of partners!

Search, question, find, train, ask a colleague who is an expert on a subject, trust, learn, grow....

These are the values that motivate us to be at the forefront and enjoy working together every day.

At EvaBssi, we are bold, we think collectively, and we have one overriding goal in common: customer satisfaction.

  • Boldness
    Innovation and international

  • Team spirit
    Sharing knowledge and mutual support

  • Trust
    Commitments on quality and deadlines