Risk and compliance governance

Anticipate and control the ever-increasing, ever-changing and ever-morphing cyber risks. By positioning GRC as a founding element of global cybersecurity management. And by advocating a proactive approach, allowing for constant adaptation to change.

Implementation and management of security governance

  • CISO function
  • Gap analysis
  • Security action plan & master plan
  • Integration of security in projects with risk analysis methodology (ISO27005, EBIOS RM)
  • Mapping of sensitive resources
  • Awareness-raising
  • Monitoring of internal / external audits
  • Member of CLUSIF, participation in the development of the cybersecurity panorama

Compliance monitoring (ISO27001, HDS, GDPR, LPM, PCI-DSS, IGI 1300, II920...)

  • Compliance monitoring in defence classified environments and OIVs
  • Gap analysis
  • Action plan
  • Master plan

Assistance to CISO

  • vCISO & vDPO in an "as a service" approach to offer recurrent support adapted to the size of the company (VSE / SME / ETI)

Overview of offers

Our mission is to protect information assets
and to guarantee an efficient IS, serving our Clients' businesses.
We have designed our offers around three pillars with complementary and transversal missions.

Nous avons conçu nos offres autour de trois pilliers...

Mastering the cyber risks of organisations

Identify, protect, detect, respond and recover

Imagine, build and operate innovative and efficient IS

… trois piliers aux missions complémentaires et transversales :