OPS Centre of Excellence

Ensuring performance and security in a world where the IS is an essential pillar of the business. We operate all or part of the information system by offering a high level of technical qualification and by adopting the best market practices.

Our offers

  • MSP: NOC (dedicated or shared)
  • MSSP: SOC (dedicated or shared)
  • xOps team (SRE, DevOps, SysOps, SecOps, NetOps)
  • Engineering/operations within client teams: network, security, systems, collaborative tools
  • Service Delivery Manager (SDM, ITILv3 & ITIL4 certified)
  • Site Reliability Engineer (SRE / DevOps)
  • FinOps

Our teams, located in France and abroad, are able to meet the needs of 24/7 coverage.

Tooling services

  • Monitoring and supervision of your assets:
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  • Monitoring vulnerabilities of exposed resources:
  • CERT support :

Les offres



  • A Security Operation Center (SOC) is used to detect threats, respond to attacks and meet regulatory obligations.
    Its objective is to protect IS against cyber attacks, manage the consequences of incidents, and minimise the negative effects they may have on your organisation.


  • We offer you the expertise of our analysts, consultants and managers in the SOC field.
  • We intervene in particular in sensitive environments or those subject to PDIS constraints, both for end customers and for SOC MSSPs.
  • We support you in the framework of a SOC project during the phases of :
    • BUILD: Definition of needs, drafting of specifications, assistance in choosing solutions and service providers, assistance in defining the organisation and processes.
    • RUN: Technical assistance, transition management, auditing, consulting...

Adopting the DevSecOps culture


  • Bringing value to the business by leveraging the latest market technologie
  • Accelerate and control product lifecycles by ensuring the right quality
  • Optimise the manual resources needed for deployment
  • Scale agility and facilitate cooperation between devs and ops
  • Attract and retain technical talent
  • Involve security teams from the start


Setting up a tailor-made team, integrated into the client's teams:

  • Preliminary analysis of DevSecOps maturity
  • Implementation of a methodological and technological foundation (dev framework, CI/CD)
  • Team performance measurements
  • Competence building of your teams
  • Continuous improvement
  • Operational optimisation (security by design, automation)

Overview of offers

Our mission is to protect information assets
and to guarantee an efficient IS, serving our Clients' businesses.
We have designed our offers around three pillars with complementary and transversal missions.

Nous avons conçu nos offres autour de trois pilliers...

Mastering the cyber risks of organisations

Identify, protect, detect, respond and recover

Imagine, build and operate innovative and efficient IS

… trois piliers aux missions complémentaires et transversales :