Orchestrated & automated architecture

Supporting architects in their modernisation projects and in the management of technical debt. By designing architectures that meet the challenges of performance, user mobility, scalability, stability, security and supervision.

Our offers

Modern, orchestrated, automated and secure architecture design

  • Enterprise architecture / IS planner
  • Modern datacenter & cloud architecture
  • Network architecture
  • Security architecture & zero trust approach
  • Collaborative tools & desktop architecture
  • Monitoring & supervision (APM, NPM)


  • Definition of prerequisites (SDDC, SDN)
  • BluePrint programming / automation
  • Creation of workflows

DevOps design

  • DevOps tools & methodology
  • DevSecOps: analysis and choice of SecOps tools to be integrated into CI/CD

Architecture audit according to best practice and state of the art

Overview of offers

Our mission is to protect information assets
and to guarantee an efficient IS, serving our Clients' businesses.
We have designed our offers around three pillars with complementary and transversal missions.

Nous avons conçu nos offres autour de trois pilliers...

Mastering the cyber risks of organisations

Identify, protect, detect, respond and recover

Imagine, build and operate innovative and efficient IS

… trois piliers aux missions complémentaires et transversales :