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Published on 17 October 2018


On Wednesday, October 10th, took place our first event around data enhancement: "From infrastructure to business: MAKE YOUR DATA PROJECTS SUCCESSFUL " in an exceptional location at the Intercontinental Grand Hotel Paris.

We had the privilege to welcome Laurent Vuillon, university professor, expert in the fields of theoretical computer science and applied mathematics, specialized in R & D and technology transfer. The latest advances in research and especially how they can enable a company to enrich its business were discussed. The topics of predictive marketing, fraud detection, and complex systems were also discussed.

 Marius Conjeaud continued the presentation by making a parallel with the world of start-ups, which he comes from as an entrepreneur, as well as Agile development. Consultant at EVA Group, Marius accompanies our customers in their data enhancement projects. It is with a certain expertise that he explained to us the 5 pitfalls to avoid in any Data project: too few requirement definition, working in silos, the production tunnel, the lack of governance and risk management. It was also the occasion to present practical cases of implementing the method "Data Science in Agile mode".

 Finally, Erwan Brouder, BSSI director, presented the subject of risk analysis. What, why, how? Through these questions, Erwan illustrated the balance between limiting and accepting the risks inherent to any subject around the data.

These two hours of presentation gave way to a moment of discussion and sharing with guests from various backgrounds. Architect manager in the industry, Data Scientist, solution architects, Big Data solutions publisher, every person had different stories but a real role to play in data enhancement projects.

Many thanks to all the participants for their presence and these quality exchanges which greatly contributed to the success of this event.

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