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Published on 30 March 2021

EVA Group launches a new offer : Data & Decision

Press release - Paris, Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

Data is information.
Isolated, its value is very low. But qualified, structured, aggregated, analyzed and exploited, its fields of application are unlimited: industry, energy, finance, retail, supply chain, health, government...
Often scattered in silos, it is difficult to gather data to have a clear, reliable and centralized vision, no matter how powerful the analysis algorithms are.

To assist organizations with these challenges, EVA Group has launched the Data & Decision offer.

From big data to smart data

The volume of data collected, which is inseparable from the cloud, continues to grow. After the introduction of the notion of big data by Gartner in 2008, the advent of Industry 4.0 in 2010, some companies realized that their competitors who were exploiting data were able to produce the same amount at lower costs.
Unlike big data, smart data is mainly based on real-time analysis of data modeled by algorithms.

Information, a strategic issue

The value of data is at the heart of corporate strategy because it is used to optimize decision-making.

"In terms of industrial performance, leveraging data is a way to remain competitive and offer better quality products by reducing costs through the use of internal and external data," explains Valentin BOURGET, Data Offer Manager at EVA Group.

EVA Group works with technical and business departments, from the reflection phase to the design and production of data solutions in various technical environments.

An end-to-end offer : data for decision-making

We combine technical, methodological and functional know-how to meet our customers' data challenges.
With an integrated approach, Data & Decision's offer goes from data collection to modeling, including understanding and exploitation.

Concretely, the benefits of the data we use for our clients are :

  • The development of new services,
  • The reduction of operational costs, for example with prediction and optimization modules,
  • The improvement of industrial performance, for example with predictive maintenance.

Graduated from ESTIA (Ecole Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées in France), Valentin BOURGET started working at MP Data, where he was Business Developer in charge of developing the industry and defense sectors.

About EVA Group

A renowned international IT and Cybersecurity Consultancy.
EVA Group has been assisting major accounts and SMEs in the luxury goods, banking, industry and services sectors, as well as governmental agencies for 15 years.
Specialized in three areas - Cloud & Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and Data - EVA Group combines methodological know-how, high level of technical expertise, and R&D.

We help clients address their key challenges:

  • Support IT projects for transformation and innovation,
  • Identify and reduce exposure to cyber risks,
  • Design, build and operate efficient and secure information systems,
  • Align IT governance with the strategy.

Labeled HappyAtWork©, EVA Group is established on 4 continents through 10 offices.

Article written by
Gabrielle Guerrini