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Published on 7 February 2020

EVA Group labelled Growth Champion in 2020 !

This year again, EVA Group is nominated a Growth Champion in the French national Newspaper Les Echos !

This prize list, established by Les Echos in partnership with the statistics portal Statista, honours bold entrepreneurs who are rewriting the codes of commerce, industry, architecture and fashion.

10,000 of the fastest growing companies in terms of turnover are contacted and invited to participate. To be included in the ranking, several criteria must be met: to have generated at least €100,000 in turnover in 2015 and €1.5 million in 2018, to be independent (not be a subsidiary of another entity), to be headquartered in France, and to grow mainly organically.

Congratulations to all our Consultants and collaborators internationally for their contribution to our strong growth, and thank you to our clients for their trust !

Article written by
Gabrielle Guerrini