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Published on 14 January 2021

EVA Group introduces a new offer : Cyber Cloud Integration

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EVA Group introduces a new offer : Cyber Cloud Integration

Thursday January 14th 2021 - The cloud is becoming the predominant model, with 94% of organizations using at least one cloud platform (source: Accenture). In this context of softwarisation of IT in SAAS mode and cyber projects, the Internet has become the new infrastructure.

To help our customers address these challenges, EVA Group launches Cyber Cloud Integration.
This avant-garde offer is in line with the continuity of our existing businesse lines : consulting, audit, integration, expertise and training.

"The growing number of applications and data hosted outside the enterprise, and the increasingly mobile users represent new challenges for organizations : technical complexity, increased risks of breaching security and compliance rules, and cost control. This is leading companies to rethink their approach to security. It must now be user-centric, rather than just network and equipment centric." explains Patrick PAINT, Director of Cybersecurity Cloud Integration & Innovative Solutions at EVA Group.

A double approach : Consulting and Integration

EVA Group offers end-to-end cloud support, from strategy definition to adoption, to ensure :

  • Threat protection : phishing, malware, targeted attacks and password theft, malware, identity theft...
  • User awareness : serious game, threat simulation.
  • Information protection : data classification, user activity alerts, investigation and reporting.
  • Connectivity and access protection : SD WAN and zerotrust deployment, browser isolation, least privilege access, risk-based access.

From integration to managed services

The Cyber Cloud Integration offer is based on the software technologies of some fifteen publishers that allows :

  • Centralized administration for IaaS, SaaS, and private cloud environments ;
  • Reporting capabilities on the different security bricks providing the critical decision-making elements to control and ensure the maintenance in security conditions ;
  • A response to requests for integration of security solutions in SAAS mode.

"A company with cloud cybersecurity managed services, such as Proofpoint, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Zscaler and Cisco siloed reporting, will benefit from unified reporting on the EVA interface according to monitoring perimeters, and customized according to its needs." points out Madjid BOUABTA, Technical Director of Cybersecurity Cloud Integration & Innovative Solutions at EVA Group.

About EVA Group

A renowned international IT and Cybersecurity Consultancy, EVA Group assists major accounts and SMEs in the luxury goods, banking, industry and services sectors, as well as governmental agencies since 2007.
Specialized in three areas - Cloud & Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and Data - EVA Group combines methodological know-how, high level of technical expertise, and R&D.
We help clients address their key challenges:

  • Support IT projects for transformation and innovation,
  • Identify and reduce exposure to cyber risks,
  • Design, build and operate efficient and secure information systems,
  • Align IT governance with the strategy.

Labeled HappyAtWork©, EVA Group is established on 4 continents through 10 offices.
For more information: http://www.evagroup.us

Article written by
Gabrielle Guerrini