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Published on 23 January 2017

EVA Group - 10th Anniversary

This month, EVA Group is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and we must admit that we are moved while writing these words. What a long way our company has come since its early days in 2007!

We would sincerely like to thank all our collaborators for their valuable contribution and of course our Clients for their trust!

Looking back on those years, we see that we never backed down from a challenge then and will never do in the future. We are proud of our uniqueness, our team spirit, our audacity and will always value the hard work that has brought so far.

2017 and the coming years are already showing the challenges they will bring: new IT technologies, as well as constantly evolving business models and regulations. Many opportunities are arising, our expertise will naturally develop as well as all associated means.

Our journey is just at its beginning!

Jean-Victor Garnier, Robert Tran Van Lieu, David Grellier, Erwan Brouder

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EvaBssi Team