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Published on 10 December 2020

Case Study : Izidore migrates its website to AWS

Client use case: EVA Group helps Izidore migrate its website to AWS

Context :

IZIDORE offers a 100% online classified advertisement and community website specialized in home furniture. Users can buy second hand goods, decoration, household appliances and much more, all close to their home.
Victim of its own success, the infrastructure hosting the website quickly showed its limits. IZIDORE therefore contacted EVA Group to design a new infrastructure on AWS before migrating it, all in a record time and without any service downtime!

The challenge :

IZIDORE needed a flexible infrastructure, able to evolve along with its growth.
Had IZIDORE continued using their legacy infrastructure, the performance issues would have increased with the number of users and traffic on both the website and blog, resulting in loss of potential customers.
Constrained by time and resources, IZIDORE asked EVA Group to design the target infrastructure and complete the migration in less than two weeks during summer 2020.
One of the requiremnets was that the migration offered continuity of service.

The solution :

EVA Group has designed an infrastructure offering high-availability and ability to scale out and scale in. It allows the infrastructure to temporarily withstand large loads before readjusting to a small usage, saving costs by doing so.
The infrastructure includes an autoscaling group for EC2 instances in production. The scaling group is spread over two availability areas within the same region (French). The database instances are RDS running on a replica basis (spread over two availability areas). The storage part is managed by S3 buckets that host the media content in object forms accessible via URL. In order to distribute the flows, a load balancer is located upstream of the production autoscaling group. The domain and DNS service are managed by Route 53. AWS also manages the public certificates through its ACM entity.



Article written by
Gabrielle Guerrini