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Published on 26 July 2021

Anne-Sophie and Rachid share their cooptation story

Anne-Sophie and Rachid share their experience about cooptation

Anne-Sophie and Rachid share their experience about how well cooptation has worked for both of them.

What do you prefer about your job?

Anne Sophie: What I like most is the fact that I am autonomous, at EVA Group and with the client. We have some freedom to choose how we work and to take the lead in creating things. I consider this as a rare opportunity.

Rachid: I agree with Anne-Sophie, it is true. We have the freedom to take initiatives, to propose solutions and to be listened to. I have a good relationship with my managers, and this is one of the things that allows me to feel good in my job. What I like about my job is the constant learning of new technologies.

Anne Sophie, why did you choose EVA Group?

EVA Group offers many opportunities. After leaving a big IT integrator company, I was looking for a human-sized company which EVA Group is.

The interviews went well and I had a good feeling with the first people I met at EVA Group ; it was one of the reasons that propelled me to work in this company.

Why did you refer Rachid to EVA Group?

Anne Sophie: I was on an end-of-study internship at a major account in 2018 for 6 months. At the end of this internship, I was assigned to train Rachid for the succession of my position and we subsequently became friends. He was looking for a position at the end of his professionalization contract. Knowing his qualities, his skills and his ability to adapt, I did not hesitate to co-opt him at EVA Group. I filled out the co-optation form and Rachid was contacted afterwards. He was recruited and immediately got an assignment at Air Liquide like me. A pretty cool story

Rachid why did you decide to join EVA Group?

First of all, I trusted Anne-Sophie who had a very good judgment of EVA Group, she sold it well and was not wrong. This company is in line with my principles, especially with the proximity of the management, it’s on a human scale so we have the chance to be listened to more easily. Moreover, the training offered is great, we are in a field where learning is permanent, so having a company that offers this type of bonus to its consultants is a big plus !

I encourage co-opting because not only does it avoid the longer paths that are usually taken in the search process, but also because knowing someone allows you to already have a foothold in the company and to feel more comfortable.

Anne Sophie: You co-opt people you believe in, you can say that you vouch for them, it reassures the company and establishes a certain trust.

Thank you both for this beautiful testimony!

We are proud to count you among the EVA Group Consultants.

At EVA Group, cooptation is a key recruitment vector.

Why? Because the talents we have recruited often have a network of talents with similar competencies and skills. And when your friends become your colleagues it's more fun!

With 10 offices on 4 continents, we have a strong international footprint and count more than 25 different nationalities among our employees.

We encourage diversity, which is our source of wealth, ideas and innovation.

Our values are benevolence, team spirit, and curiosity.

In 2021, EVA Group is awarded again the HappyAtWork label, a company where employees are happy to work at.

To find out more about EVA Group inside and to apply, visit our LinkedIn and Workable pages.

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